Industry 4.0 solution for ports

International trade, export, and import of goods influence our economy and the way
ordinary people live. In order to improve and take full advantage of it, we have to look for areas which could be
optimized. Two of those are Ports and Shipyards. Usually, the way Ports and their cargo terminal works have a major
impact on the local economy and can benefit from industry 4.0 solutions for ports.

So what could be changed?

Let’s unpack the whole process from one single piece of steel to the package which is
delivered to you

1. Industry 4.0 solution for Ports

The production of a ship is a huge, time-consuming process which requires a lot of
people, resources, and involvement. The management is crucial to build a ship. Each member of the team needs to
know what, when and where has to be done. In order to provide it, IndoorNavi offers system, which can provide a
user with information about his tasks and help to improve his safety. Thanks to sensors built in Tag, IndoorNavi
can detect falls and instantly notify manager about any possible dangers.

To make the whole process smooth IndoorNavi increases safety of resources as well.
During the development of the system, we noticed how important the knowledge of the position and status of
resources which are used in production are, despite the location or industry. That’s why we decided to make it
possible and gave a user the panel to manage resources.

Main Dashboard

2. Work of seamen

The next chapter of the story is the way the ship is steered. Especially the care which
could be provided for the whole crew and the ship. In this area, the system should be able to notify about the
situations when somebody falls on the ground. Moreover, it informs when the connection with this person is lost or
interrupted and when someone falls into the water. Two-way communication which IndoorNavi provides can be
integrated with already installed intercom. It can help to better manage and execute tasks. Moreover, it provides
specific information about the status of everyone at the glimpse.

3. Cargo terminal

Departing from the subject of people’s safety, there are the requirements of the port
in which cargo is being unloaded. In this case, the progressively managed access areas provide the elastic way to
manage permissions without any loss of time. Advanced way of preparing access groups and access policy gives the
administration of port the software which could be adjusted to the needs of its customers as well as its partners
and subcontractors.

On the other hand, the unload of cargo can be supported by IndoorNavi using its
accident prevention capabilities and two-way communication between people, machines and machines operators. For
example, by using IndoorNavi we can notify the trolleys operators about the position of every pedestrian in the
area. Due to it the risk of any unfortunate situation decreases and facilities the process. IndoorNavi can also
share this information with Port Computing System, which controls the way the port operates.


4. Logistic centers

When the package enters the logistic center inside the port, it could be equipped with
a Tag. It can locate it in real time and provide clear information about its position. People working on a ship are
also able to be monitored. Thanks to this enhancement the localization of the package is simpler and employee
doesn’t need to take care of it. The system already has done it.

5. How does the package leave IndoorNavi ecosystem?

Devices which are used through the whole process could be easily mounted as well as
removed. Thanks to the “Status of the package” feature, a person responsible for delivery see what is the status of
it. Through this way package which was tracked could smoothly leave IndoorNavi without any errors or lack in the
history of delivery.

It is not a mistake that there are so many people involved in the process of shipping one package in the

Trying to understand different points of view and needs is a tough job to do. In our
opinion, it is the right way while we are looking for areas which could be optimized. Ships equipped with
localization systems and logistics areas with Real-time location systems provide us real mapping of the space and
resources which wasn’t broadly available before. This revolution in the industry helps to take better care of
people lives, machines. It also provides higher profitability of the process. That is the reason why industry 4.0
solutions are so interesting and influence various industries across the world.