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IndoorNavi realizuje projekt w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020 Celem projektu jest opracowanie technologii lokalizacji oraz urządzeń nadawczo-odbiorczych oraz kompletnej platforma do zarządzania wspomnianymi urządzeniami oraz zarządzania zebranymi danymi. Wartość projektu: 2 397 084,02 PLN Wkład Funduszy Europejskich: 1 752 164,80 PLN



IndoorNavi System


How it works?

The technology is based on in-house developed hardware and software.

  • Anchors are placed to mesh the building with data gathering possibility.
  • Wireless Tags rely on information about position and accidents to the central server.
  • Users receive information based on their location, like fastest travel routes, access breach or accidental occurrence.
  • Administrators optimize process execution using historical and present data about position of equipment.

Full system integration

IndoorNavi allows to integrate existing system components. You retain benefits of legacy solutions while obtaining access to state-of-the-art real time localization system.

Benefits of IndoorNavi technology
in your company


Work safety

Increased work safety thanks to precise identification of events such as falls and drops. Recognition of situations, when user is not moving allows for quick reaction to accidents. Assistance for rescue team with precise localization of the event. Determination of the quickest route to the victim. Analysis of evacuation route based on dynamic information of threat position.

Access Control

Access management to dedicated zones within the facility. Easy permission management for users from the administration panel. Notification of zone access breach or unexpected leave. Tags for personnel always ready for use thanks to quick wireless charging technology.

Process Optimization

Precise data on time and position of process elements such as equipment, personnel, and resources. Direct analysis of current process status and dynamic prioritization of sub-tasks. Access to historical and macro data highlights bottlenecks and indicates the effectiveness of implemented improvements. Process duration and resource optimization.


For whom do we develop and expand
IndoorNavi functionalities on a daily-basis

Event organizers
Heavy industry
Marine industry
Building administration
Building security

Ready for mobile

IndoorNavi is prepared to be used on different platforms in different enviroments. We are focused on providing you with flawless mobile experience and all off tools needed to provide your personel with amazing mobile apps.


Prepared for professionals

Want to use IndoorNavi as a base of your company’s ecosystem? We prepared special resources for professionals like you!

Rest API – for developers, who want to learn how IndoorNavi can cooperate with their software.

Research&Data – for enthusiasts, who wants to learn more about our research in the area of indoor localization and wireless technologies.

Blog – for those, who wants to stay up-to-date with the news about industry 4.0 and IndoorNavi development.

Secure and stable
Meant to serve

IndoorNavi is the first system to benefit from the latest and the most advanced localization technologies. We combined our devices with swift and robust server application and Big Data solutions.

Using IndoorNavi you can benefit from industry 4.0 standards and advanced analytics algorithms. It is made to serve, to help you optimize and to help your stuff to deal with every task. Even faster.



Minimize the risk of accidents by 80% reduction of unauthorised access to danger zones.


With up to 10cm precision localize personnel in hazardous areas to increase their safety and reduce health danger.


Increase in the area of safety provided for guests an employees by 45% reduction of time required to reach potential victims.



Optimize work by 20% improvement of usable area utilization.


Reduce cost and improve effectiveness by using 30% less equipment needed for the tasks.