IndoorNavi | IndoorNavi is a complete platform allowing to build fully customized services and applications based on indoor navigation and micro-location. Essentially, it consists of 3 elements: physical infrastructure(BLE beacons powered with PoE - LAN), mobile app SDK, web apps. As a result, we provide a full platform on top oh which companies can easily build their own solutions for clients in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare and many more
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Navigation & monitoring

inside the buildings

Gather data and enable analysis of architecture and space around which users move

Key product features

What you can develop based on IndoorNavi technology

Statistic data

With IndoorNavi, you can control and monitor what happens with your shopping carts or trolleys.

Monitoring and access control

Real-time positioning allows to locate and assign tasks to employees such as security, maintenance or cleaning staff.

Location tracking

On basis of data gathered, it enables the analysis of architecture and space around which users move.

How our technology works

The underlying technology is based on proprietary tags and anchors (track position of tags) supported by server application managing the entire system.
IndoorNavi anchors are small location transmitters supported by UWB and located inside the building. They detect nearby tags allowing to gather data and identify objects on the basis of their location, unique ID and description in the management system.

Preorder DevKit

Inside the development kit user will receive beta version
  • 2 Tags
  • 4 Anchors – One configured as a Sink
  • 6 months free access to server application

Most interesting use cases

See how this easy-to-customize IndoorNavi technology lets you control and manage processes

New level of retail experience

For example, you can analyze your retail area – which areas are most attractive, how customers use your store’s area and which places have the highest conversion rate.

Easy-to-customize app

It can be simply integrated with your existing systems and apps. No need to build everything from the scratch.

Personnel management

Locate and assign tasks to employees such as security, maintenance or cleaning staff.