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Benefits of IndoorNavi technology
for your system


Location monitoring in danger zones

Location monitoring in danger zones

Reduce the exposure time of personnel to hazardous environment. Minimize the risk of accidents.

Fall detection

Fall detection

Hardware integrated sensor with precise position allows for immediate arrival to the user resulting in increased work safety.

Personalized definition of evacuation routes

Personalized definition of evacuation routes

Reduce the evacuation time thanks to location data of the user. Increase safety of personnel and guests.

Work Safety

Increased work safety thanks to precise recognition of events such as falls and drops. Lack of motion detection what allows for fast reaction. Assistance for rescue team with precise localization of the event. Determination of the quickest route to the victim. Analysis of evacuation route based on dynamic information of threat position.

Access Control

Access management to dedicated zones within the facility. Easy permission management for users from the administration panel. Notification of zone access breach or unexpected leave. Tags for personnel always ready for use thanks to quick wireless charging technology.

Process Optimization

Precise data on time and position of process elements such as equipment, personnel, and resources. Direct analysis of current process status and dynamic prioritization of sub-tasks. Access to historical and macro data highlights bottlenecks and indicates the effectiveness of implemented improvements. Process duration and resource optimization.

Interactive Building 4.0

Dynamic interaction of facility administrator with personnel and guests. Personalized and direct communication based on a person’s location. Calculation of fastest routes to desired locations. Optimization of traffic within the facility. Maximization of return rate from a square meter of usable space.





The underlying technology is based on proprietary Tags and Anchors.

Supported by server application managing the entire system. IndoorNavi Anchors are small location transmitters supported by UWB and Bluetooth, located inside the building.

Tech. specification


IndoorNavi provides management platform that handles and transmits all data from the system.

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We also provide SDK for web and mobile platforms to embed and integrate interactive building maps.

Connect to it by standard API - REST and WebSockets - and build
customized user applications on top our technology.