How does industry 4.0 and IoT solutions affects management?

More and more companies start to use solutions, which are strictly connected to information technology (IT). Work of human combined with the technology, affect the functioning of the given spheres in the enterprise. This way we “make friends” with the devices, their functionality and the way they operate. Industry 4.0 focuses on removing barriers between people and machines. It gives them access to free communication with each other. The aim of the idea is to improve the company’s processes including management. Therefore I would like to develop that topic and show how today’s intelligent solution affect the way managers work. It is worth to answer the question what is the influence of it for processes in your company.

IoT solution as a tool of industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. takes place parallel to our life and the development of the Internet. It is available everywhere, on each mobile device. The Internet allows us to communicate with others faster, send information, check what is happening in the world. In fact, these activities would be inaccessible without connection to the Internet. However, we pay less attention on devices. Thanks to their cooperation, we are able to create a large database for given spheres. Therefore the Internet of Things (IoT) was not established accidentally.

What is IoT exactly and what it has relation with management?

In short, IoT is a concept relating to gathering the big amount of data from all mobile devices (computers, mobile phones etc.). It is possible through the Internet, so each device can be connected with other. They are able to send information or commands, what to do or how to work (turn on the light, close the window etc.). In this relation, human interference is not needed.

Companies can facilitate the way it operates

Resource and process management does not always give expected results. However, possibilities, which today’s technology offers us, are very helpful in this range. Smart solutions provide work optimization, thanks to monitoring of each object in real-time. Therefore, managers are able to organize time in order to make more tasks. Work on a human-machine line becomes faster, more understandable, which affects better entity condition.

The other issue which is worth consideration is the fact that nowadays it is tough to find qualified personnel. It makes monitoring the current situation in the company harder. In other words – there is a lack of people, who would control given zones in the company. Managers are on their own, so the management of the entity is a challenge and requires nerves of steel. Therefore, the technology was started to be implemented for given entity processes. One did not have to wait a long time for results.

People working together while sitting at the table

Little device – many solutions solved

The biggest advantage of technology is its “size” and effectiveness. We found out, how to use it, in order to get the best results and what possibilities it can give for us. Our team created the product, which uses technological potential. Inside these little devices, we “hid” technology, which is able to monitor the work of objects. It determines the accuracy of their localization, the progress of the work, and also it calculates time, used for given activity.

How is it possible?

The IoT concept is visible during the work of our devices. Tags and Anchors cooperate with each other, thanks to wireless UWB network. Tags – placed on the objects, are able to determine their localization in real-time and send the information for managers. This way, they can track current work in given spaces, make analyses based on gathered data and assess the level of potential danger.

Key for success in “industry 4.0 management” – optimization of processes

Getting information about the actual situation in the workplace, managers are able to optimize the processes. Thanks to this, more tasks are possible to do at the same time. That little device enables two-way communication between managers and their employees. This way, workers are informed about dangers in real-time, so the level of an accident immediately decreases. Employers have the possibility to send push notification regarding how much time their workers can spend within given space (in order to avoid a danger) or guide them to the destination.

It definitely decreases the time and money and increases the level of safety. That is it, what every company strives for.

Is it worth to implement smart technology for your company?

Definitely yes! More and more owners of big industries have been implementing that technology. They see growing benefits and much more efficient work of machines.

Managers can examine each recess of the company in real-time. They are able to react to current events remotely. Therefore technological help is becoming inevitable. It is worth to think, what barriers represent an obstacle in order to manage the company efficiently. Perhaps it is more and more difficult for you to look after employees, and the process of decision making does not bring the desired results. Sometimes only one thing is enough to make your company more and more productive. Just trust intelligent technology.