How do we implement IndoorNavi in Gdansk Science and Technology Park?

Nowadays, if you want to get somewhere, Google Maps can guide you no matter where you are, as long as you are outside. For a long time, it wasn’t possible to navigate in buildings and there were rumors about the future of indoor navigation. That’s why we started to think about this technology. We created IndoorNavi and implemented it in Gdansk Science and Technology Park. That’s the story behind this process.

The idea of mounting a network of beacons, which can help visitors of the complex to find rooms in the building easily, was our idea. We made some research, we invented the technology and built our own beacons. Then we started to talk with the Administration of the Park about the process of implementation.

It was clear, that this system would be beneficial for both of us.

Gdansk Science and Technology Park wanted a tool which could help in the future. It wasn’t only about navigating. Having IndoorNavi implemented in the building, gives an opportunity to verify the idea of the organization of the space inside it. People who work for the Park can easily check where people can get lost. Then they can think about some changes, so the space would be more welcoming to guests, what eventually would make it easy for visitors to find targets indoor.

We at Blast Lab had an opportunity to test our product and make some improvements in our system. It also helped us to develop SDK, which would be used in the future projects.

What was the process?